IndianOil starts oxygen supply to Delhi, Haryana, Punjab

New Delhi (IANS)┬áIndia’s largest refiner, Indian Oil Corporation (IndianOil), on Monday said it has begun the supply of 150 MT of medical oxygen at “no cost” to various hospitals in Delhi, Haryana and Punjab.

The first batch of the lifesaver medical grade Oxygen was dispatched on Monday to Maha Durga Charitable Trust Hospital, New Delhi.

Besides, the company said it has diverted the high-purity oxygen used in its ‘Mono Ethylene Glycol’ (MEG) unit to produce medical-grade liquid oxygen at its Panipat Refinery and Petrochemical Complex.

The refiner has scaled down the throughput of the unit.

“We have also stepped up the production of raw material for PPEs, and we are now providing lifesaving medical oxygen to hospitals,” said IndianOil Chairman S.M. Vaidya.

“Our expertise and assets, including refineries, pipelines, petrochemical units, bottling plants, terminals and aviation fuel stations, will continue to serve the people despite the stiff challenges.”

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