Indian youths don’t want to mix politics & love life

New Delhi (IANS) Do you let political opinions dictate your dating life? Well, it plays an important role but people don’t want to mix politics with their love life, according to a survey.

According to the data gathered from users of dating app OkCupid, 54 per cent women would like to match with partners who share their political beliefs whereas only 21 per cent men care.

Indian millennials are not affected by politics and don’t want to make it a part of their love life. Having good sex (86 per cent men and 75 per cent women) is more important to them than having similar political beliefs.

A majority of people (43 per cent men and 37 per cent women) are open to dating someone with strong political inclination — the right or the left — as long as it’s not violent. Some people (25 per cent men and 29 per cent women) would not even think about it. The remaining (20 per cent men and 25 per cent women) were not sure and the rest 12 per cent men and 9 per cent women opted for no comment.

On political awareness, the survey states 92 per cent men and 91 per cent women in India believe it’s important to stay informed.

Melissa Hobley, Chief Marketing Officer, OkCupid, said, with the largest democracy in the world undergoing electoral process, “these insights will help you find the right match and a relationship with substance.”

The study included over 200,000 respondents. The data was gathered through questions on the application that new and existing users answer to match better with their potential partners, read a statement.

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