IMA writes to PM as 196 doctors succumb to Covid in India

New Delhi (IANS) Disturbed by incidences of doctors not receiving proper beds and treatments after getting infected with Covid-19, the Indian Medical Association has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday to draw his attention.

The association said that such incidents would create a demoralising effect on the healthcare community, who are also at the frontline of the corona war.

“Disturbing reports have appeared about doctors and their families not getting beds for admission and also lack of drugs in many cases. It is pertinent to draw your attention to the demoralising effect it will have on our healthcare community,” the letter read.

The association demanded adequate care for doctors and their families. “We need his (PM) attention and indulgence because of the rising concerns of the safety of doctors during this Covid crisis. An increasing number of doctors are getting infected and losing lives due to Covid,” said R.V. Asokan, secretary-general of IMA.

Besides, the association also demanded the extension of state-sponsored medical and life insurance facilities for doctors in all sectors.

As per the IMA, 40 per cent of the doctors who succumbed to the pandemic are general practitioners who work in private sectors or independently. “It is pertinent to mention Covid does not differentiate between the Government and the private sector.

“Of all the fatalities we recorded, the substantial number of them are General Practitioners. A significant proportion of the population consults them for fever and related symptoms. They remain the first point of contact and care. They also happen to spend quality time in consultation and practising clinical medicine,” Asokan said.

The data shared by the IMA revealed that 87 per cent of the doctors who died due to COVID were above 50 years of age. “A huge chunk of them were already in vulnerable group. Yet, they did not deter from their duty to treat everyone despite facing the risk to their lives,” Asokan added.

The IMA also said that the highest number of casualties was recorded from Tamil Nadu, where 43 doctors died due to the Coronavirus, followed by Maharashtra and Gujarat which recorded 23 deaths each.

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