IITF 2021: Interest of people seen in samples of Gold and Emerald at stall of Jharkhand Mines and Geology Department

New Delhi/Ranchi: The Jharkhand Pavilion built in the Indian International Trade Fair 2021 saw a lot of crowd on Saturday. While people coming to the pavilion are seen liking and buying the products of Jharkhand and on the other hands they are seen taking information about the schemes at the stalls of various departments of Jharkhand state.

A large crowd of people was seen at the stall of Jharkhand Mines and Geology Department, set up in the Jharkhand Pavilion. Jharkhand Mines and Geology Department has kept a live demo of different minerals at its stall. In which people are getting a lot of interest in the samples of Gold and Emerald. Vijay Kumar Ojha, Director, Jharkhand Mines and Geology Department said that live demos were displayed at the stall and information about other minerals was given. The exhibited minerals include graphite, coal, iron ore, mica, bauxite, kunite. Graphite is used to make pencils, coal is used to make energy, iron ore is used to make iron, mica is used to make paint, bauxite is used to make aluminum, kunite is used to make refractory. Apart from the displayed minerals, limestone, gold, mica, manganese, uranium etc are also found in the state.

School children are showing interest in sampling minerals in the pavilion. They are being given information about the types of minerals, its exploration and processing. Sharing information with some businessmen from Gurugram, it was informed that Jharkhand holds 40 percent of the total mineral wealth of the country. Jharkhand ranks third in coal and seventh in bauxite in the country. Presently the department is emphasizing on the use of modern technology. In which the survey of the block is being done by drone camera. In the coming few months, Jharkhand Mines and Geology Department is going to conduct the auction process of Emerald’s mine.

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