How to maintain body balance during festivities as per Ayurveda principles

October (IANSlife) All festivals carry the message of peace, well-being and oneness with the nature, as it is a time when we ‘receive to give’ and ‘give to receive’. Diwali is one such festival that also focuses and reflects on our “awareness” to “enlighten ourselves to get rid of our deficiencies”. Therefore we should celebrate it with the sagacity that will usher in a “transformation”!

During the festival of Diwali we should first inculcate the principle of “Dinacharya” or a (daily regimen). Dinacharya aims to help you find balance between body, mind, spirit and lifestyle through a well maintained regimen which is an important, preventive healthcare strategy.

Get up early, one hour before the Sunrise to welcome the ‘SUN’.Maintain Hygiene – Wash your sense organs by bathing,cleaning of bowels, brushing your teeth, cleansing the mouth, gargling,washing your feet &face.Promote the brightness and health of the sense organs – apply collyrium to eyes,scraping of the tongue, oil pulling, use nasal drops, dry massage, feet massage, head massage etc.To enhance and maintain physical strength – do exercise, walking, applying oil to the body and doing massage, powder massage, consuming food, taking proper rest etc.Avoid too much spicy foods or foods with hot potency (chilies, pepper etc), staying awaken in the nights, lifting heavy weights, too much of travelling.Learn the art of nurturing ones senses, safeguard the principles of easy & simple living.

If the above disciplines and concepts can be applied in one’s daily life and diligently followed, it will help one to succeed in maintaining all round good health.

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