How to carry peppy prints

New Delhi (IANSlife) When it comes to animal prints, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to wear them. From leopards and tigers to zebras, the options are plenty. It’s always in style to wear animal prints, but they can be challenging to wear.

Designer Kavita Gupta of Riddhi Creations shares tips for rocking these prints.

Coordination is Important — There will never be an end to animal prints, regardless of trends or seasons. The only problem is you can’t wear them with everything — you need to coordinate these patterns carefully with other pieces if you want to look sophisticated.

Follow The Golden Rule — To harmonise your look, you must use non-patterned pieces that allow your animal print item to be the star. You should limit yourself to just one or two animal print pieces per look. Overdoing will end up making you look blingy.

Check Your Body Type — A pattern, such as an animal print, maximises the volume of the body part highlighted by the garment. Thus, you should be aware of your body proportions to find what will work best for you. Those who are shorter should go for garments that have smaller graphics, such as leopard prints, instead of larger ones such as giraffe prints. When you’re not sure about the print at first, we suggest not diving into shirts and skirts, and instead think about adding chic touches to your outfits with accessories, such as scarves and boots.

Colour Contrast — Animal print is defined by certain rules; if done judiciously, adding a little colour to your look can enhance it. If you’re feeling demure, choose solid hues such as green, purple, blue, or fuchsia rather than highly saturated colours. It is best to avoid, too, many accessories (one key scarf, bag, necklace, or pair of shoes is enough), and don’t wear too many different colours in one outfit. If you want to create a very stylish look, combine animal print with burgundy tones. Dresses and skirts with zebra print or leopard print can also be dressed up with a colourful clutch, wallet, or other accessories.

Quality is Important — It is important to buy quality clothing. Cheap material will result in a ‘cheap look’, and that is not good.

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