Hospals expects $300 mn forex revenue for hospitals in 3 years

New Delhi (IANS) Healthtech start-up Hospals expects to generate $300 million in revenue for hospitals with over 50,000 international patients in the next three years.

The start-up, which provides surgery consultancy supports in key markets, including India, UAE, Turkey and South East Asia, has launched a tech-enabled promotion platform for hospitals and expects it to attract 50,000 international patients.

It noted that with ease in travel restrictions and skies opening up for foreign patients, hospitals have again started regaining on the $9 billion medical travel business in countries like India.

“Most of the flights coming from the Middle East, Africa and neighbouring Bangladesh are either completely, or mostly, filled with patients and their attendants, which highlights the huge demand for Indian healthcare despite rising Covid numbers,” the company said in a statement.

Start-ups, including Hospals, are ramping up to virtualise hospital marketing across the globe.

The platform enables hospitals to connect with Hospals Surgery Consultants across the world, who are guiding patients from their respective countries in choosing the right hospital brand for their life-saving and healthcare need.

Hospals founder Danish Ahmed said: “Covid has essentially reshuffled the medical travel market. India, Turkey and the UAE are gaining market share from Europe and south-east Asia, as patients become cost conscious and seek quality medical care and good prices.”

He added that with support from the Union government, India’s medical tourism industry is offering state-of-the-art advanced medical facilities, skilled doctors, and low-cost treatment along with our ancient wisdom such as Ayurveda, wellness and rehab facilities to the world.

“We are seeing a 20 per cent market recovery already, and expect the industry to surpass earlier records by June 2021,” he added.

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