Hindi is the only means to bring together the nation: Raghubar Das

Ranchi, Sep 14: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that Hindi was the identity of the Indian culture and was the only ‘sutra’ through which the entire nation be brought together.

Addressing a programme organized on the occasion of Hindi Diwas at the project building here he said that questions over Hindi would be raising questions on the unity and soverenity of the nation. He said that for the sake of unity of the nation it was important that all contribute to enrich the language.

He said that language and tradition and culture is the identity of any nation. He said that only such country was developed who have maintained their culture and tradition. He said that despite 600 years of slavery India has managed to keep its culture and tradition alive and there was a challenge to maintain that.

Mr Das said that the language was being spread across the nation and the language was the fourth largest spoken language in the world. He said that there was a need to rise above the mentality of English and give importance to importance of Indian languages.  He said that Mahatma Gandhi had said that English was rich language which was accepted to us. People should learn other languages as their was no onjection to that but place of Hindi should be on top. Mr Das said that since Independence Hindi has been the language of interaction and said that it was unfortunate that Hindi was celebrated on one day of the year. He said that the people can not run away from their responsibility by celebrating Hindi Diwas and there should be self pride in the language.

The Chief Minister said that the state government has accorded importance to Hindi and other regional languages as these were the identity of the state and the government was taking many steps to promote them. He said that at the state level examinations these languages have been included. He said that some vested interests are trying to destroy the tradition and culture but the government would not allow such vested interests to fulfill their motto.

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