Hindi is the identity of our culture and civilisation: CM

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Wednesday said that the Hindi language is the identity of our civilisation and culture. Addressing a programme organised on Hindi Diwas he said that all should understand that language plays a very important role in human life. For any person, his language is greater than his wealth he said adding that India country is a multilingual country, but as a countrymen, all need to celebrate Hindi Diwas with the determination to keep the Hindi language alive.

The Chief Minister said that people of different languages and cultures in the country have done the work of adopting the Tricolour and in the same way all people should work to adopt the Hindi language. Tricolour speaks only one language that we are all Indians therefore just as the Tricolour is the identity of the country, Hindi language should also be the identity of the country he said adding that today somewhere in the country and in the world the era of competition is going on and in this era of competition, languages are being hit hard and people are enduring linguistic trauma to establish themselves.

The Chief Minister said that it is also necessary to stop the encroachment in the Hindi language in the coming times. He said that as the head of the state, he assures that the Hindi language will not be allowed to be encroached upon. It is the endeavor that the entire system of the state government should work by adopting the Hindi language he said in a function organised by the Department of Personnel, Administrative Reforms and Rajbhasha department at the project building.

He said that in Jharkhand also there are many such areas where even today people do not understand the Hindi language and whenever the state government prepares an action plan he discusses with the officials that the schemes can be given impetus to the people of the areas where people do not speak or understand Hindi in the regional languages.

In areas where people do not understand the Hindi language, middlemen become active he said adding that as a result, the beneficiaries do not get 100 percent of the benefits of government schemes. At the same time, taking advantage of the language, a large part of the government is killed by middlemen.

The Chief Minister said that today the theme of Hindi Diwas is a very big topic as the theme of increasing the language, the theme of adopting it, the resolution day to keep the language alive. The Chief Minister said that as the litterateurs have said in their speech on this forum that If a language ends not only language but also a civilization, history ends.

The Asur tribe is an example of this he pointed out adding that those who gave the technology to the world to make iron today are on the verge of extinction. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh said that in the present times, the acceptance of the Hindi language has increased at the global level.

Those citizens of the country who are living in other countries are working to increase the Hindi language he said adding that the language of any country is the work of threading its culture and traditions in one thread. Hindi is one of the most popular languages not only in the country but in the world the Chief Secretary adding said that the great personalities of the freedom struggle had also advocated the Hindi language.

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