Hemant writes to Amit Shah seeking safe return of people of Jharkhand from Ukraine

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has written a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah requesting him to take immediate necessary steps to ensure the safe return of all the people of Jharkhand stranded in Ukraine.

In his letter, he said that all were aware of the tensions brewing between Russia and Ukraine for quite some time but presuming it as just posturing by Russia turned out to be a monumental blunder eventually on Thursday Russia invaded the internationally accepted sovereign boundaries of Ukraine and now it is a full-blown war and various cities of Ukraine including its capital city Kyiv is being attacked with bombs.

He said that several hundred lives have been lost as per reports Ukraine forces are currently engaged with Russian forces just outside the capital city of Kyiv, sounds of gunfire bomb explosions and human cries are all over the place Horrifying pictures of damaged Apartment blocks have emerged on TV channels. He further wrote that estimated 20,000 Indians including 18000 students are believed to be stranded in Ukraine.

He said that his office is constantly being approached by the relatives of those persons from Jharkhand who are stuck in Ukraine during these war times. They are in a state of panic and horror and compelled to move with a limited stock of essential provisions to make safe places like underground metro rail lines and even the departmental stores are insisting on cash payments against essential procurements. Extreme Inclement weather is adding to their pain.”

I feel we must reach out to them in this hour of crisis and make best possible efforts to evacuate them back home.” He said that he is enclosing here with the hurriedly prepared list of persons from Jharkhand struck in Ukraine along with their addresses and contact numbers and requested the Home Minister to kindly instruct the construct officials of the Government of India to take steps for their safe return to Jharkhand. Till such times they could be accommodated in safe places with an adequate supply of essential items. He said that an early response from the ministry would certainly act as a supreme assurance to the anxious families.

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