HEC closed, Officers and workers locked out the company over outstanding salaries

Ranchi:  Lockout has been imposed in all three plants of Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited (HEC) headquarters. This lockout has been done by the officers and workers of the company demanding the outstanding salaries.

From 6 in the morning, workers started gathering at the main gate of the Heavy Machine Tools Plant (HMTP), the Heavy Machine Building Plant (HMBP) and Foundry Forge Plant (FFP). At around 8 o’clock, the main gates of all three plants as well as the main gate of the corporation headquarters were locked.

Entry of anyone has been banned in all three plants including the headquarters from today. After this lockout, HEC has become closed in a way. The employees have staged an indefinite lockout in the company.

In HEC, salaries of employees are outstanding for 18 months and salaries of officers for 20 months. Recently, seven labor organizations have come together on one platform and staged a lockout in the company demanding outstanding salaries.

All seven labor organizations have formed HEC Bachao Mazdoorjan Sangharsh Samiti. The lockdown has been imposed under the banner of this committee. Presiding over the meeting, Manoj Pathak said that the lockout will continue until the outstanding salaries are not paid. Khichdi will be prepared for the workers daily in front of the headquarters. The workers will eat there and stay there. Now no one will be allowed inside the headquarters and plant.

At present there are about 1100 permanent and 1500 temporary employees in HEC. Those who are no longer being paid any kind of payment by the company management. On the other hand, the agreement for temporary workers is also hanging in the balance. Due to the management not taking a clear stand, the labor organizations came together on one platform and started the movement. BMS supporters are supporting this movement from outside.

Currently, Hatia Mazdoor Kamgar Union, Hatia Mazdoor Union, Hatia Lok Manch, HEC Shramik Sangharsh Union, Hatia Project Workers Union and HEC Officers Association are included on one platform. Labor organizations say that now a situation of hunger has arisen before the workers, hence the decision will be taken only through a one-on-one fight. The workers showed great restraint. Workers have been coming to the workplace without salary for 22 months. Lived peacefully by making daily presence. 

Several rounds of talks were held with top management officials. But top officials have no option. They have been giving false assurances. Even the Heavy Industries Ministry is not serious about HEC. The ministry has also made it clear that the company will not get any kind of financial support. The company has to operate from its own resources only. At present the company has work orders worth crores. Workers want to get a salary after working.

But due to lack of working capital, production came to a halt. What should the workers do in such a situation? Labor organizations say that each and every employee working in the company was working peacefully without salary till now to save the company. But now the employees are left with no option other than raising their voice. That’s why everyone started the movement by imposing a lockdown.

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