Heavy downpour in capital and adjoining areas

Ranchi: Pre Monsoon showers have started making their presence felt in the state as not only the capital but many adjoining districts also received rainfall on Monday.

The morning sky was itself dark and suddenly coupled with strong winds rains started pounding the capital city bringing a much-needed respite to the people from the heat. In the capital, it rained for nearly an hour after which the sun came out bright and high.

However, due to the heavy downpour in many areas of the capital waterlogging was reported as drains also overflew making it tough for some of the morning commuters.

The local MET department has said that after hitting Kerala monsoons would soon spread to other regions of the country. It said that due to the moisture coming from the Bay of Bengal and a turf line which is prevailing over Chhattisgarh rainfall and thunderstorms was taking place in Jharkhand and it is expected that the weather will remain similar for the next couple of days.

The weatherman has predicted that between June 2 and 5 central, southern, northeast and northwest regions will received light to medium range of rainfall coupled with thundering however there would be no major fluctuations in the temperature.

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