Guv calls for giving right direction to the youth

Ranchi, Apr 17: Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murmu has advocated for
the need to give right direction to the youth so that they do not
divert from the main stream of life.
Addressing a two day day workshop organized by the Khadi and Gram
Udyog Department here she said the area has been blessed by mother
nature in natural and mineral reserve. She said that the youth of the
region were hardworking but there was a need them to given them right
direction. She said that it was unfortunate that despite the resources
a large population has not seen development as it should have.

said that many states are facing the same problem and are taking
corrective steps. The Governor said that to prevent the youth from
diverting they should be first provided employment so that they become
economically strong and their social condition is improved.
She said that the Tana Bhagats participated in the Satyagrah movement
based on the path showed by Gandhiji and adopted Swadeshi. She said
that even today the Tana Bhagats wear the self woven Kurta, Dhoti and
Gandhi Topi and worship the charkha and the national flags at their
homes. She suggested that the Tana Bhagats needed right economic aid
and the Khadi and Gramudyog Department can work in that direction.
The governor said that Gandhiji wanted that the villagers and the
tribal sget the right money for their work and in such a scenario
Khadi can make the artisans and workers of rural areas economically
stable by linking them with its various programmes and also provide a
platform to save the talent which is on verge of extinction. She said
that Khadi was running ample programmes in the village industries
sector and providing training and employment. She said that there was
also tremendous opportunity in Jharkhand in the area of honey
She lauded the workshop in which the tribals from Jharkhand, Odisha
and other states are participating and said that events like these
would help to create awareness regarding social and economic

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