Guv attends 11th Convocation Ceremony of IIM Ranchi, asks graduates to make sure India’s growth story reaches villages

Ranchi: Jharkhand CP Radhakrishnan attended the 11th convocation of the Indian Institute of Management during which he asked the pass out students to ensure that the growth story of India reaches to the villages.

Speaking on the occasion he said that he was happy to visit the campus of IIM Ranchi, a well-developed campus that provides more stability and freedom to the institute and added that he has been informed that IIM Ranchi has gone through an impressive journey. Its intake over the years has grown considerably, which is a very commendable task. 

He said that India has entered into a very exciting phase of growth where it has the potential to lead the world in the upcoming decades with its immense pool of talented human resources. We must remember that we have to prepare our country for the challenges ahead and work towards creating a nation that fulfills the dreams of all sections of society. 

Adding further, he said that the idea of management education has expanded from merely preparing students for the boardroom to equipping students with life skills to adapt and change for facing new challenges which may emerge in the future. Businesses can no longer afford to be disconnected from the ground realities and exist in a void. They have to come up with new ideas to remain ahead of the curve or face a situation wherein they lose out the ground to new competitors.

A very encouraging development that has emerged in recent years is a culture of start-ups and entrepreneurship by students the governor said adding that Students right out of college are today ready to take on the world with their innovative ideas. They have the zeal to succeed and solve problems that confront society. Premier business schools of the country have the duty to not only ensure that we have business leaders but also entrepreneurs who can dream and create the next big business venture.

He advocated that the Institution needs to groom students who can create business ventures which can provide employment to others while also emerging as globally renowned entrepreneurs. He said that The Government of India led by the visionary Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi understands the importance of entrepreneurs and startups and have taken every possible step to encourage them. 

The Government has put in continuous efforts to promote ease of doing business both by reform of the existing laws and also through actions on the ground. It has simplified the process of registration of new businesses by making a single form for registration of new companies which also includes the registration for GST and other taxes. 

The Government has also tried to reduce the labour law compliance burden for startups. All these steps have been taken to ensure that our youth have the confidence to take the next step to be entrepreneurs and decide to pursue their dreams. The Government has also intensified its efforts to promote India as a global education destination. It has sought to update the education system at the school level as well as the Higher Education sector. Starting with the new National Education Policy, the Government has sought to bring in a comprehensive change in the sector.

As a part of its efforts, the Government has also now implemented the Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) system which will enable students to utilize credits from other institutions. This will encourage them to study new and innovative subjects as per their choice. As business managers, you also have the responsibility to ensure that your decisions keep in mind the protection of the environment and a sustainable future for the upcoming generations he said adding that they should ensure that sustainability is a key factor in all decisions that you make as a leading business professional. 

Moving ahead, while we work towards ensuring the growth of the nation, we also have to remember that the larger chunk of our population still lives in our villages. We have to work towards ensuring that the benefits of India’s growth story reaches this part of the population. As some of the best minds in the country, I encourage you to think about more ways on how the fruits of India’s growth can result in more tangible benefits for millions of Indians in villages.

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