Govt orders closure of all illegal slaughter houses within 72 hours

Ranchi, Mar 27: Taking a cue from the neighboring state of Uttar
Pradesh where the BJP stormed into power by capturing more than 300
seats and had a saffron clad Yogi Adityanath take over the reigns who
ordered for immediate action on the illegal slaughter houses in his
state, Jharkhand govt  too has followed in the foot-steps of the neighbour
and ordered that all illegal slaughter houses be closed in the state
within 72 hours.


A letter in this regard has been written by the Principal Secretary
of the state Home Department SKG Rahate to all the DCs/SSPs/SPs and to
Municipal Corporations/Municipalities and Notified Area Committees
regarding closure of illegal slaughter houses/abattoirs.
“ For slaughter houses/meat shops relevant rules and regulations
are already in place by the concerned departments of the Government of
Jharkhand. Keeping in view the overall public order, safety and health
of the general public following steps may immediately be taken for
closure of illegal slaughter houses/abattoirs,” Mr Rahate wrote in the
letter to the officials.
The officials have been asked to ensure that no illegal slaughter
house be allowed to operate within their respective jurisdiction. All
police stations should be asked to close illegal slaughter houses,
nodal officer to monitor and ensure compliance of this order may be
The letter further says that all valid slaughter houses must ensure
compliance of the rules/regulations laid down by the Animal Husbandry
Department/Health Department/Municipal Bodies of Government of
It adds that the sub-divisional officers in charge of a sub
division should be made nodal officer to follow up and ensure closure
of slaughter houses operating in contravention of rules. It also calls
for wide publicity to be given to the state government decision to
prohibit the operations of illegal slaughter houses but most
importantly the letter instructs to issue notices to all illegal
slaughter houses for closing their operations in the next 72 hours.
The RSS unit of the state apart from several other organisations
including the VHP, Bajrang Dal have for the past several years demanded
for end of cow slaughter and closure of illegal slaughter houses in
the state. Even the BJP in Jharkhand in public forums and in the party
forum have called for end of cow slaughter in the state. The decision
of the state government would be victory for these groups and
Jharkhand had also emerged as a safe haven for slaughter houses and
smuggling of illegal cattle through the GT Road. Often trucks loadd
with cattle are caught at the check points of the state which are
meant for being transported to West Bengal and from their to
Bangaldesh or other regions were they are in high demand. The decision
to ban illegal slaughter houses would also dent the illegal cattle
trade in the state.

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