Governor should take immediate decision on Champai Soren’s claim to form government in the state – Left party

Ranchi:  A joint meeting of the Left parties – CPI, CPI (M), CPI (ML) and MAS was held at the ML state office on Thursday.

In which, after the resignation of Hemant Soren from the post of Chief Minister, Champai Soren, the new leader of the Grand Alliance, expressed his displeasure over the delay in giving time by the Governor even after presenting the letter of majority support to the Governor for government formation.

Left parties believe that the Governor is actually working on the formation of the above government inspired by the politics of BJP. For this reason they are deliberately delaying the decision.

Left parties also underlined that when a similar political situation had arisen in Bihar, the Governor had taken a quick positive decision on the claim put forward by the majority leader for government formation.

Therefore, the Left parties of the state demand the Governor to take a decision on the above claim as soon as possible and to honor the people’s mandate by immediately forming a government in the state.

The Left party has also accused the central government and the BJP of misusing the powers of the ED.

The meeting was presided over by CPI (ML) leader Janardan Prasad. Ajay Singh and AK from CPI attended the meeting.

Rashidi, Sameer Das, Prafulla Linda, Sukhnath Lohra and Virendra Kumar from CPI(M), State Secretary Manoj Bhakta from CPI(ML) and Sushanto Mukherjee from MAS.

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