Government does a U Turn over Chhath Guidelines, allows people to perform rituals at water bodies

Ranchi: The Jharkhand Government on Tuesday decided to make changes in the guidelines issue for Chhath Mahaparv and has now allowed the devotees to reach the ponds, lakes, rivers and other water bodies to observe the festival.
Speaking to the press at the project building Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that unless medicine comes there should be no let down in the guard in the battle against Coronavirus.
“However our friends in the BJP are demanding the same let down….keeping into the account the feelings of the people it has been decided that people can go to their nearest water bodies and perform the festival by wearing masks, observing social distancing and sanitizing,” he said.
However he made a personal request to the people that he himself has seen thousands of people performing the festival of Chhath in their homes for the last several years. The Chief Minister said that these are difficult times as Coronavirus was still present moreover yet no medicines have been discovered therefore it his request to the people to celebrate the festival as much as possible in their homes.

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