Creating a home workout plan with niche exercises

New Delhi (IANSlife) With the current Covid-19 situation, the age-old phrase ‘Health is Wealth’, has become a rising priority for most of us.

As the fitness industry has shifted from outdoor to virtual platforms, people started working out of the comfort of their home. Thanks to the digital world, we have a choice to customise and personalise our workout routine as per our preference. While fitness enthusiasts can create their own fitness routine by combining a variety of HIIT exercises with functional training or yoga asanas, it requires a lot of intrinsic motivation to follow a set routine.

Dhara Tanna, Senior Vice President, Fitternity lists down some lesser-heard exercises to break free from a monotonous workout routine:

Seal Walk

Plank has always been the go-to exercise, but try bringing a variation to the regular plank – Seal Walk, (a plank replicating the moving of a seal) It works on shoulders muscles, rectus abdominis, triceps, and spinal erectors.

Process: Start by being in a push-up position and raise your core on the support of your hands and knees. Slowly lift and move one hand about a foot ahead and then repeat the same movement with the other hand.

Dead Bug

Break out of unlimited crunches and try this Dead Bug exercise that works well on your core but also protects the spine and prevents lower back pain!

Process: Start by laying on your back on a padded/yoga mat. Raise your knees facing towards the ceiling and feet flat on the ground, while the arms rest over your head. Lift both your legs at a 90-degree angle from the ground, with knees in the air pointing to the ceiling and legs parallel to the ground. Bring your arms close to the ears and lift your hands so your elbows are above your shoulders with your fists facing in toward each other. Exhale as you slowly lower your right arm and left leg until they’re just above the floor. While inhaling, bring them back to the starting position. Repeat this movement with your left arm and right leg.

Glute Bridge Abduction

A great variation on the mat for your lower body – Glute Bridge Abduction. While performing the glute bridge abductions, you not only work on your glutes, but also your spine. If you want to up your workout, try doing it with a band.

Process: Begin by laying on your back with knees bent and palms at your sides on the ground. Bring glutes towards the ceiling with legs touching each other and squeeze glutes at the top. Separate your legs while they’re still in the air (abduction) and bring them back together while they are still in the air. Return both legs back down to the ground, as you complete one repetition of this exercise.

Banded Overhead Tricep Press

As the name suggests, this exercise is performed using a resistance band and works towards toning the triceps.

Process: Lace one end of the band on the ground and step on it, while stretching the other end over your head as you keep your arm close to your ear. Slowly bend your elbow so that the hand that is raised above your head, moves back towards your shoulders. Raise back your hand over your head and stretch it as you complete one repetition. Beginners can start by performing 8-12 repetitions of this exercise.

Lying Straight Arm Banded Pull Down

Another innovative workout on the mat puts your lats, upper back, chest, and core on fire!

Process: Find yourself an anchor which is closer to the ground and attach your resistance bands to it. Grip the band in each hand and lie down on the floor facing the ceiling. Raise your arms to eye level until the bands begin to stretch and continue this movement so that your hands travel all the way down to your hips. Keep up with the momentum and return back to your starting position by controlling the resistance.

While the gyms and fitness centres have begun to re-open and many people are resuming working out at physical centres, the alternate way to working out at home can still be fun especially with unique and lesser-known exercises like these. To do it right, it is advisable to first master your form under guidance from experts virtually via online classes.

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