Government committed to take neglected and weaker sections towards selfreliance: Aalamgir Aalam

Ranchi: Rural Development Minister Alamgir Aalam on Monday said that in the year 2021-22, many rural developments schemes were implemented through various units of the Department as well as many shortcomings were
also been identified during implementation.

Addressing a two-day workshop of the department he said that he was very happy that even during the pandemic, the officials associated with the Rural Development Department had carried out development works by establishing better communication.

He said that goal of the department is to make the neglected and weak people of rural areas financially strong and make them self-reliant. The minister said that the government is running various schemes including Birsa Harit and Didibari under Mnrega and those schemes have to be successfully implemented on the ground. He said that he was happy to inform better work has been done under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Along with the Center, the State Government has also played an important role in making the scheme successful by giving its 40 percent share.

He said that through this workshop, it is expected that the officials would set goals and follow the policies of working within the time limit. During the training, there is a need to assimilate the words of the trainers who will give training so that together with one can play an important role in the development of the rural areas of the state.

Alamgir Alam said that many schemes are being implemented to empower the women of rural areas of the state and here is a need to establish coordination with the Agriculture Department so that the land of the farmers can get water at the right time and the seeds can be available to the farmers at the right time.

In his welcome address, Secretary, Rural Development Department, Dr Manish Ranjan said that the aim of the department is that the implementation of the schemes should be completed in a transparent manner and the benefits of the government schemes reach the beneficiaries. He said that through the workshop, the exchange of ideas would take place between the officials for two days, many new things would emerge out of it.

The various wings of the Rural Development Department have their own team and each team has tried to perform well he said adding that the expectations of all the teams will be analyzed through the workshop. He said that plans should be made for 30 days, three months, six months and one year and if continuous monitoring is done to ensure that the work is done within time, the results can be better.

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