Foster family is bringing change in the lives of disabled children

Ranchi/Chaibasa: A meaningful effort to bring new ray of happiness in the lives of disabled children was started under the aegis of District Social Welfare Office and District Child Protection Unit in West Singhbhum. In this, those links were added, which had a concept, but the functionality was zero. But now child protection is increasingly being accepted as a key component of social development.

Under this, foster care has been made functional. It is an arrangement in which a child usually resides temporarily with another related family member. For this, preference is given to the child’s extended family or close family/friends whom the child recognizes.

But if such close family is not found, preference is given to that family, which has mutual relation in religion / community / language and culture with the family of children. In the district, 100 helpless children have been benefited from the sponsorship scheme and 5 children have been benefitted by the foster care scheme operated through the District Child Protection Unit.

In West Singhbhum district where most of the people live in villages, there were many difficulties in implementing such a concept. To overcome these difficulties and to make the rural public aware of all the aspects related to child atrocities, a public awareness program was organized in association with the concerned department/unit and NGOs in which, with the harmonious cooperation of all, the rural people were made aware of child protection and its benefits and the roles of the Village Child Protection Committee in the work of child protection which yielded pleasant results and 1620 Village Child Protection Committees have been implemented as per the drawings across the district.

After the death of the father in village Binua-Chiriya of Manoharpur block area, the condition of the mother with 4 children was pathetic, as she was taking care of 4 children by leading a living, but after some time in the sequence of an incident, the mother also died. As soon as the information was received by the Village Child Protection Committee, they immediately shared this information with the villagers at the local level and motivated the village to raise the child in the village itself. Seeing that there is no talk in the village area, its information was made available to the District Child Protection Unit by the Protection Committee.

Taking quick cognizance by the Child Protection Unit, with the help of the social workers of the said rural area, a family related to the social and cultural interests of the children such as traditions and Sarna religion was selected and that family was given a social investigation of the past and present circumstances. In which compliance with the guidelines of the juvenile justice system was ensured along with the upbringing of children from all sides.

After this, after meeting the Child Welfare Committee and the village, the couple fulfilling all the criteria for foster family Sukhdev Toppo and Damayanti Khalkho, who are residents of Dhanapali village of Manoharpur block, were selected and entrusted with the responsibility of raising 4 children.

The children were brought up properly by the Foster family. Children were enrolled in the nearest government primary school with the help of child protection unit along with disciplined life, keeping friendly with neighbours etc. In this way, after a few months, the physical and mental condition of the children improved. Alphabet knowledge, language knowledge, social inclusion have been established in children. Today the same children, who were once feeling helpless, are currently self-sufficient towards sports, physical exercise, yoga etc.

Childhood took a new turn, it seemed as if a new chapter of life had begun. “There is a need to develop the capacity of human resources at the grassroots level to give new life to the destitute children. Lack of quality prevention and rehabilitation services was a challenge in enforcement of laws. To end violence, abuse and exploitation against children.

Progress has been made in harmony with everyone in the direction of bringing social awareness, promoting and nurturing legislation, but every community and class will need to come forward to reduce the sensitivity and sentiments of children who lose their families. Childhood of children of all such orphan/ destitute families can be saved together,” said Ananya Mittal, Deputy  Commissioner Chaibasa.

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