Former JDU president Gautam Sagar Rana resigned

Ranchi: Gautam Sagar Rana, former president of JDU and former leader of his party in Jharkhand, has resigned from the primary membership of the party.  He gave his resignation through a letter to the party’s state president and Rajya Sabha MP Kheeru Mahto. Gautam Sagar Rana has not given any reason for his resignation. Gautam Sagar Rana, a resident of Hazaribagh in Jharkhand, was the president of Janata Dal-United during the Jharkhand state formation. He was also the convenor and chairman of the coordination committee of the ruling NDA.

After being in JDU for a long time, he left JDU and joined RJD. Where he was made the state president. Later, after removing him, RJD made Abhay Singh the state president. After making Abhay Singh the state president, Gautam Sagar Rana had formed a separate party named Jharkhand Janata Dal. Then he merged this party with JDU on October 16, 2022.

JDU’s National President Lalan Singh got him party membership along with his supporters in a program organized in Ranchi. Gautam Sagar Rana is a resident of Hazaribagh. He was active in politics with the Jayaprakash movement. He has been elected MLA from Bagodar twice. He has also been MLC twice in United Bihar. He has also been the state president of RJD.

Since his resignation, many speculations have been made. After the resignation of Gautam Sagar Rana, many stories of speculation are coming out. Many experts say that whatever possibility there was of JDU being strong in Jharkhand, now that too is over.Many say that he has resigned because of his displeasure with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

On the other hand, some are also saying that in the past, he was also angry with Abhay Singh after removing him from the post of state president.

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