Forest Department team on alert mode after bats died in many districts of Jharkhand

Ranchi: A large number of bats are dying in Garhwa and Latehar districts of Jharkhand.

Earlier, hundreds of bats were killed in Garhwa, Hazaribagh and Ranchi.

The latest case is from Latehar district where a large number of bats have died.

On Friday morning, a large number of dead bats were found in Koili village under Manika block of Latehar district.

Local people came in large numbers to see the dead bats.

It is not clear whether the bats are victims of some disease or what is the reason for their death.

In such a situation, Latehar DFO Roshan Kumar has issued an advisory and appealed to the people to stay away from dead bats.

If they contract a disease or virus, there is a risk of it spreading to other people.

In such a situation, handling dead bats can be dangerous.

On Friday morning, local people saw a large number of dead bats on the ground under a tree in Koili village of Manika block of Latehar district.

This news spread like wildfire.

A crowd of villagers started gathering in the area. Some people started touching the dead bats, some started picking them up and taking them away.

Latehar DFO Roshan Kumar took it very seriously and immediately alerted the departmental personnel.

DFO also appealed to the general public not to touch or go near dead bats under any circumstances.

Coming into contact with dead bats can be dangerous.

Samples of dead bats are being sent for testing.

Only after this investigation will it be clear how he died.

There may be a risk of infection or they may even die due to extreme heat.

Right now it is difficult to say why they are dying.

DFO Roshan Kumar has appealed to the people of the area to inform the forest department whenever such an incident is seen.

Never go near dead animals or birds or try to touch them.

Earlier, in Sundipur village of Garhwa, some villagers took the dead bat home and ate it.

When the department came to know about this, it started worrying about the epidemic.

On Thursday, on the instructions of the Deputy Commissioner, the health department team reached the village.

27 people were found in the village who had eaten bats.

His health was examined.

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