Food Safety team raid in food court of Nucleus Height Mall, Kanke

Ranchi: There was chaos in the Nucleus Height Mall located at Kanke Road in the capital Ranchi when the Food Safety Team raided. This raid has been done in many food courts of the ground floor. The team has also collected samples from here. At the same time, the team has clearly warned that if any kind of adulteration is known from the sample, then action will be taken according to the rules on the concerned foot court. If necessary, the license can also be cancelled.

The food safety team was continuously receiving complaints regarding the quality of food in the food court of Nucleus Height Mall. After investigating the complaint received, the team raided on Sunday. According to Sources, under the leadership of Food Safety Officer Sudhir Ranjan, many shops located on the ground floor were investigated. In which the team has collected samples from many shops including GIANI Ice Cream Shop, Vaango as well as The Chowmin. Which has been sent for investigation.

On the whole matter, the Food Safety Officer said the investigation will be done at many places in Ranchi including Kanke Road. Due to Sunday, there is a huge crowd of people in the malls. In such a situation, sales in food stalls are also high. This is the reason why the team has started the investigation from the mall. Soon, apart from Kanke Road, many areas of Ranchi will be investigated. The team is trying to ensure that people get tasty and quality food, special attention is being paid to it.

Food Safety Officer Sudhir Ranjan said in the reports that are coming out so far. Along with this, no problem has been found in the quality of food so far. However, to be completely sure, everyone’s sample has definitely been taken and if any defect is found, he has said that further action will be taken in this regard.

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