Fodder scam: More than 50 including former MLA Gulshan Lal Azmani convicted

Ranchi: A special CBI court on Monday gave its verdict in fodder scam case number (RC 48A/96) Doranda treasury case. Special CBI Judge Vishal Srivastava pronounced the sentence.

There were 124 people were made accused in this case.  Of the total 124 accused in the illegal clearance case, 52 have been sentenced to three years. 37 others were sentenced to more than three years. Whereas 35 people were released. All the 37 accused who were sentenced for more than three years were sent to jail in judicial custody. Now his sentence will be heard on September 1.

The prominent people acquitted are—Anul Haque, Rajendra Pandey, Ram Sevak Sahu, Dinanath Sahay, Saket, Harish Khanna, Kailash Mani Kashyap Bari, Baldev Sahu, Siddharth Kumar, Nirmala Prasad, Anita Kumari, Ekram, Mo Hussain, Sanaul Haque, Sairu Nisha, Chanchala Sinha, Jyoti The names of Kakkar, Saraswati Devi, Ramavtar Sinha, Reema Badaik and Madhu Pathak are included.

What is Case RC- 48 A/96 The famous fodder scam took place during United Bihar. Then Lalu Prasad Yadav used to be the Chief Minister of United Bihar. During this, Rs 36 crore 59 lakh was illegally withdrawn from the Doranda treasury. This withdrawal took place during the years 1990 to 1995. In this case, the arguments have been completed in the court of special CBI court judge Vishal Srivastava. Now the verdict will be pronounced today. Statement of 616 witnesses was recorded 

During the 27-year-long trial in the Doranda treasury case, CBI’s Special Public Prosecutor Ravi Shankar recorded statements of a total of 616 witnesses in the case. In this case, 125 accused, including the then supplier and former MLA Gulshan Lal Azmani, are currently facing trial. 62 accused have died during the trial. The CBI had registered a case against a total of 192 accused in the case.

The fate of 125 accused will be decided The fate of 125 accused will be decided in the verdict coming in the special CBI court on Monday. The hearing of 53 cases related to fodder scam has been completed in Ranchi CBI court. Different special judges have given their verdict in 52 cases. In RC20A/1996, the then Special Judge PK Singh first heard the verdict in all the pending cases.

In the biggest case of 26 years old fodder scam, Ranchi special CBI court has given its verdict. On July 21, after the completion of the arguments from all the parties involved in this case, the court had reserved its decision. The court convicted more than 50 people including former MLA Gulshan Lal Azmani in the fodder scam case. Sunil Kumar Sinha), Ajay Kumar Singh, Jagdish Prasad, Nand Kishore Singh, Rajiv Kumar, Naresh Prasad, Ravindra Prasad, Ravindra Kumar Mehra, Ajay Verma, Dr. Hiralal and Dr. Binod Kumar have been sentenced to three years. 

Apart from this, Dr. KM Prasad, Rama Sankar Singh, Arun Kumar Verma, Gauri Prasad, Sharad Kumar, Ashok Kumar Yadav, Ram Nandan Singh, Ajay Kumar Singh, Rajendra Kumar Singh Suresh Dubey, Madan Kumar Pathak and others were convicted. 125 accused, including the then supplier and former MLA Gulshan Lal Ajmani, were facing trial in the case related to illegal withdrawal of Rs 36.26 crore from the Doranda Treasury.

This scam happened between 1990 and 1995. 45 public servants and 9 women accused are also involved in the fodder scam case. 62 accused have died during the trial. In this case, 124 accused including 38 public servants were facing trial. In which 16 women are also included. The court has convicted 90 accused on the basis of witnesses and evidence presented by CBI. Whose sentence will be heard at the point. And the court has acquitted 35 accused.

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