At CM instructions , delegates of Labour
dept visited Leh-Ladakh to take stock of the
conditions of migrant workers of Jharkhand

Ranchi: At the directions of the Chief Minister Hemant Soren, a delegation consisting of representatives from Department of Labour took stock of the conditions of tribal labourers coming from the Santhal community of Jharkhand hailing from the Santhal Pargana working in Leh Ladakh. 

The delegation urged the officials of Leh Ladakh and Border Roads Organisation (BRO) to further improve the condition of the workers. It may be noted that the labourers from the Santhal tribal workers of Jharkhand have a special contribution towards the infrastructure development of the nation. They have made immense contributions to the Border Road Organisation as well. Whether it is to build a bridge over a deep chasm or a road through a mountain. 

Skilled and hardworking workers of Jharkhand have played an important role in timely completion of BRO projects like Himank, Vijayak and Yojak in Leh Ladakh. Keeping this in mind, the delegation went to Leh Ladakh on August 21, 2023 under the leadership of the Labour Commissioner Jharkhand to inquire about the situation of migrant workers in Ladakh. The state government is striving consistently to ensure the welfare of the migrant workers

In a meeting organised by the Secretary, Labour in Ladakh, the delegation has directed the BRO to equip the migrant workers of the state with necessary defense resources during their work. So that the safety of life and property of the labourers can be ensured. Previously, the Government of Jharkhand has provided all possible help to the labourers by the state government. Even during the COVID induced lockdown, the state government ensured the labourers are brought back to their home state safely by air.

Hon’ble Chief Minister has given his strict instructions Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Hemant Soren has directed the officials of the Department of Labour to provide all possible assistance to the migrant workers and take strict action against the illegal employment of Santhali tribals by registered labour agencies in Ladakh. Delegation met the migrant workers

The delegation met the migrant workers and also visited their workplaces from where the Department of Labour, Jharkhand was being contacted by the migrant workers. In case of any kind of problem, the migrant workers have been advised to contact the following helpline numbers. Jharkhand Migrant Control Room

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