First zonal conference of Jharkhand Ophthalmological Society held

Ranchi: Under the aegis of Jharkhand Ophthalmological Society the first zonal conference was organised in the Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital here. Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Jharkhand Ophthalmological Society Dr Bharti Kashyap was the convener of this conference which was based on the theme on how to successfully do cataract surgery in the small retina.

In the first session through live surgery, Dr B P Kashyap along with other doctors of the country showed the various ways to do cataract surgery in the small retina. In the surgery, the doctors were detailed as to under what circumstances in small retina ring is to be used and under what circumstances hook has to be used. It was said that the ring made in India is more effective than those made in abroad. In the second session dealing with small Pupil Dr Bharti Kashyap through surgical video showed how the hook is used in the small retina and under what circumstances in the retina ring is used.

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