First Monday of Malmas, devotees queued up to B.Ed College in Deoghar

Deoghar : The first Monday of Malmas observed. Due to both the coincidences, a crowd of Hindu devotees has gathered in Deoghar. Kanwarias are offering water from four o’clock in the morning after official worship. The crowd of devotees had reduced in the middle, after that the queue of devotees has gone till B.Ed College.

The entire Mela area including the temple premises is reverberating with the cheers of Bol Bam and Shivdhun. The devotees who reached the temple are offering water through Argha. This process started at four in the morning.

The number of devotees observing the Bangla Tithi of Shravan month is being seen in large numbers. Keeping in view the convenience and security of lakhs of devotees coming to Baba Nagri on the first Monday, all the arrangements have been strengthened by the district administration. So that any devotees coming to Baba Nagri do not face any kind of trouble.

For the convenience of the devotees who came on the first Monday of Purushottam month and Bangla Shravan, on the instructions of temple administrator cum DC Manjunath Bhajantri, arrangements for early Darshanam are going on. Under this arrangement, coupons are being made available to Kanwariyas at the rate of Rs.500. 

Devotees who want to avoid queues and crowds or want to worship soon for other reasons can take advantage of the water offering by entering the sanctum sanctorum from the temple administrative building. After the official worship, the devotees started offering water at four in the morning. 

During this, the queue of Kanwariyas reached Pandit Shivram Jha Chowk. Then when the number decreased, the queue got confined to the Q Complex. The devotees were allowed to enter from Hanuman Mandir Chowk itself till around 9 am. Then as the day progressed, the line of devotees kept getting longer.

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