Film Festival organized on World Tribal and Tribal Festival 2023 in Ranchi

Ranchi: People will get an opportunity to know and understand the unique stories, traditions, struggles, philosophy and history closely at the film festival of Jharkhand Adivasi Mahotsav-2023.

The Tribal Film Festival aims to showcase the talent of Jharkhand filmmakers, artists and promote the rich cultural heritage of Jharkhand by bringing tribal communities together on one platform.

Along with this, the burning issues and stories of the tribal community will be exposed through cinema.

The Tribal Film Festival is an opportunity to showcase the talents of the state, who have been recognized not only nationally but also internationally.

Screening of tribal films on this occasion will create space for dialogue in mainstream cinema and will give an opportunity to understand the importance of making films on such important subjects.

This will encourage most of the young filmmakers.

This program will also create a platform to encourage budding filmmakers of Jharkhand.

The film festival featured Phoolmuni produced by producer Dashrath Hansda, Deepak Bara’s The Next Side of Beauty, Deepak’s Besra’s Mohot, Nizam’s Chaila Sandhu, Meghnath’s Naachi Se Banchi, Biju Toppo’s Mundari Srishtikatha, Anuj Verma’s Chero, NPK Purushottam’s Bandha Khet, Priyanka Purti’s Hornton Remill, Rupesh Sahu will provide an opportunity to know the traditions, struggles and history of Jharkhand through tribal films.

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