FCI is refusing to give food grains to the Jharkhand government at the behest of the Center – CPI

Ranchi: CPI State Executive Member Ajay Singh said because of FCI Jharkhand government has to buy rice at a higher price of Rs 5 per kg. The Food Corporation of India, run by the Government of India, has refused to provide food grains to the green ration card holders to the state government. Which shows that wherever there is a government of opposition parties, the central government behaves in a second-rate manner.

Ajay Singh said the Food Corporation of India (FCI) is an independent body created and operated by the Government of India. It is owned by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, constituted by the enactment of the Food Corporations Act, 1964 by the Parliament of India. Its work is to maintain and distribute the buffer stock of food grains to ensure the National Food Security Scheme, distribution of food grains across the country under the Public Distribution System. That’s why FCI should immediately withdraw the decision of not giving food grains to the Jharkhand government.

The Jharkhand government is working on ensuring that no one sleeps hungry and no one dies of hunger. Under this scheme, people are being supplied food by making green ration cards. Ajay Singh said Santoshi had died while eating rice, due to which Jharkhand was defamed all over the world. Jharkhand government is now working with the intention of not letting anyone sleep hungry.

CPI State Executive Member Ajay Singh said the Jharkhand government should make its own arrangements to ensure that the people here get regular ration. Vigorous publicity should be done against the neglect of the Jharkhand government by the central government agencies. 

Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon should talk to FCI for the supply of food grains, if FCI again refuses then CPI will launch a vigorous agitation against FCI in Jharkhand.

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