Factory Amendment Act 2023 is Anti-women and anti-workers – Left Party

Ranchi: Factory Amendment Act Anti-women and workers, labour organizations protest strongly.

Left Party activist Bhubneshwar Kewat said the state government is trying to implement the labour code passed by the central government through a back door.

The Factory Amendment Act is anti-women and anti-labour, the labour organization will strongly oppose it.

Leaders of INTUC, AITUC, CITU, ACTU, HMS, and independent federations said that this will also be opposed in Maha Padav on August 10.

There is a deep influence of corporate-directed bureaucrats in the state’s governance.

This act will deprive the labourers from their right to equality.

Along with this, the instructions related to safety, security, rescue and grievance redressal related to the interest of labourers have been ignored.

Ignoring the suggestions of International Labour Conventions and Courts, making women work in night shifts will prove fatal.

In order to prepare for the Mahapadav on August 10, an appeal was made to the labourers to participate in the Mahapadav by taking out a publicity vehicle in Ranchi and organizing street corner meetings at various workplaces and intersections.

An appeal was made to make the Mahapadav a success by holding meetings in Harmu, CMPDI, Kanke CIP, Main Road and Kokar areas.

The Mahapadav organized on August 10 will prove to be decisive in deciding the direction of the country’s politics.

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