Expressed gratitude to the people of Ranchi – Yashaswani Sahay

Ranchi: Ranchi Lok Sabha MP Candidate Yashaswini Sahay has expressed gratitude to the people of Ranchi.

She said that I am grateful to the people for the immense affection and love they have shown me in a very short time and I assure them that I will always stand with the people here.

Yashaswini Sahay was expressing the above views in a press conference organized at Congress Bhawan.

Congratulating the elected representative of Lok Sabha, Sanjay Seth, she said that the public has given him a second chance and she hopes that he will stand up to the public’s issues.

Sahay also thanked Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and all the allies of the India Alliance party.

Sahay said that all the Congress leaders, workers and media colleagues at the state, district and block levels deserve thanks for their full support in the elections and guidance from time to time.

We had only 25 days and we did as much as we could in that short period of time.

I regret not being able to reach many people, but I will definitely go where I could not reach.

I was working in the field of women’s rights and child protection in other areas of the state including Ranchi and was socially connected with the people.

This election was my first political experience personally.

I will continue to be associated with these works in future also, apart from this migration I will keep trying to solve the problems of the people struggling with this problem.

She said that the issues we raised in the elections will continue.

Yesterday was World Environment Day, which is important for Ranchi, the tribal society here is nature worshiper and it is also the basis of our survival. We should think seriously about this, I will work on this topic also.

My focus will also be on how Ranchi can establish itself as an industrial hub and what role I can play in it.

I have to take forward the love I have received from the people of Ranchi.

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