Explosive materials and other items recovered by security personnel in Chaibasa

Chaibasa: In a joint operation conducted by the jawans of district police Jharkhand Jaguar Cobra and CRPF huge quantity of explosive materials kept hidden by the Maoists has been recovered from surrounding areas of Chidiyabeda village.

A joint team of Chaibasa Police Jharkhand Jaguar Cobra 209 battalion and CRPF’s 60 and 197 battalions conducted joint search and combing operations in the area during which the temporary camp of the Maoists was recovered and destroyed.

Somehow the Maoists managed to flee from the spot leaving their belongings behind. The ammunition and explosives which were recovered from the spot was defused by the bomb disposal squad.

From the spot, a country-made rifle, five jars of 50 litres each, Ethylene Dyamine 45 bottles, Nitro Benzene 45 bottles, wire cutter one, a poster banner and Naxal literature, hydraulic pipe, bag, uniforms, and items of daily use have been recovered.

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