Experts make a case for continued mask use

New Delhi (IANSlife) A sudden seasonal flu outbreak and an increase in Covid-19 cases have surprised many just as we were beginning to get used to the normalcy of a life without many constraints before the Covid virus.

An unavoidable flu wave generally coincides with a change in season. However, this season has witnessed an unanticipated increase in such cases-nearly doubling from last year in some areas-as well as harsher, Covid-like symptoms.

The spike of Covid-19 cases, the upcoming holiday season, and all of this together create a situation that specialists warn calls for ongoing precautions.

“Masks are the first line of defence against Covid-19 as well as other respiratory infections. With a spike in the number of infections, we must adhere to wearing masks when we step out in public areas. With the festive season right here and large gatherings inevitable, wearing masks are highly effective at reducing your risk of getting Covid as well as seasonal flu. Wearing the right kind of mask, the right way, is also extremely important,” says Dr SC Ajmani, General Physician.

Your masks’ kind and fit have a significant impact on how effective they are. According to research conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self Organization in Germany, FFP2 masks that fit snugly offer 75 times more protection than surgical masks. By selecting these masks over common surgical or fabric masks, you greatly boost your protection and can leave the house more confidently, especially in crowded areas.

Protection from viruses, bacteria, dust, pollutants, allergens, and pollen (>= 0.3 micron) is offered by a BIS-approved FFP2 S mask like Savlon. These masks offer 95% protection from aerosols with particles larger than 0.3 micron. In comparison to standard masks, these masks include melt blown filters that are electro statically charged to provide enhanced filtering. The comfort and suitability of these masks for different skin types are also tested. Masks made with Savlon FFP2 S are BIS Certified.

According to BIS guidelines, each batch is put through rigorous testing for quality performance and efficacy. The effects of viruses, bacteria, dust, pollution, pollen, and allergies can be significantly minimised and the wearer’s general health can be improved by donning a high-quality, properly fitted mask.

The correct masks are adjusted to perfectly fit on the bridge of your nose and to properly enclose your mouth and nose. We are aware that when an infected individual sneezes or coughs in a crowded environment, the Covid-19 virus as well as the seasonal influenza can spread quickly. First-level protection is unquestionably provided by donning a N95 or FFP2 S mask, especially for those with allergies, co-morbidities, impaired immune systems, or a higher propensity for experiencing severe symptoms.

The use of masks should become a way of life. We must continue using tried-and-true health strategies, like using masks in public. Keep your hygiene and health in mind.

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