Elaborate security arrangements in place for Holi & Shaab-E-Baraat

Ranchi: The festival of Holi and Shaab-e-Baraat will be celebrated on March 18 as part of which preparations have been completed by the district and police administration for both the festivals.

165 magistrates, 181 police officers, 1295 armed and lathi forces, apart from tear gas party have also been deputed for the festival to be celebrated peacefully with gaiety in the city as well as in the rural areas. At the same
time, 30 magistrates have also been kept in reserve. Holika Dahan is to be held on March 17.

In such a situation, DCSSP, in a joint order regarding both the festivals, has directed the deputed magistrate, police officer and police force to be posted at their respective places of deputation from 1 pm on March 17 to 12 pm on March 18. Further static magistrates, police officers and police force have been deputed by marking 140 places in urban and rural areas for Holi and Shab-e-Baraat.

Under this, a total of 68 square intersections and other places have been marked including Piska Mode, Mahabir Chowk, Ratan PP and Sujata Chowk in the urban area of Ranchi. At the same time, deputation of Static Magistrate, Police Officer and Police Force has been done there, marking a total of 68 places including Namkum, Angada, Ratu under Sadar sub-division and 10 places in Bundu subdivision. In the joint order on behalf of DC-SSP, it has been said to keep a special watch on minority localities and tolls.

The list of communal backgrounds and sites of such areas has been asked to be collected with the help of intelligence agencies. Police personnel should be deputed in plain clothes. It has also been instructed not to stop patrolling and not to leave any sensitive area.

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