Dressing up is important when working from home

New Delhi (IANSlife) During the pandemic, people’s relationship with clothes has shifted significantly, as people prioritise comfort and convenience over appearance. Furthermore, the lockdown has left most of us with little or no desire to prepare a new look daily. For working women, it has actually become an even greater burden and source of anxiety.

Amid the pandemic, Qua launched ‘Embrace’, a new collection designed for WFH- Workleisure! The collection has become a huge success given that it adapted perfectly to the growing need for more comfortable yet presentable clothing for Zoom meetings.

Rupanshi, founder of Qua says,”Dressing up can motivate you and increase your productivity as well. The flared and relaxed fits of the shirts, co-ords and dresses make dressing up easier, without compromising on comfort. On days when you are feeling uninspired, you can wear the co-ord or dress as it is and still look dressed up. These outfits can be elevated further by layering them with shirts and blazers, on days when you want to feel like a true professional.”

The collection includes already built ensembles that require little to no styling, lightweight and breathable fabrics, seamless finish combined with comfy-style garments. The key garments of the collection namely smart co-ords, casual shirts and chic dresses are made of premium fabrics like moss crepe, viscose and cotton, which provide optimum breathability and homely comfort. These practical wardrobe must-haves have been a great help to working women in order to maintain a work-life balance, as the garments are comfortable to wear, chic, and a great addition to the 9-5 and beyond wardrobe.

There have been studies that show how dressing up for work can improve performance. The brand also conducted a poll, where 100 women participated, which revealed that 84 per cent of women felt unproductive while working from home and 85 per cent of women agreed that dressing up for work increased their productivity.

Despite the shift in the workplace due to the pandemic, dressing up for work still holds much value as it gives people a sense of professionalism. By dressing up appropriately even for zoom meetings, you can adequately prepare yourself for the day ahead, otherwise, you might get caught in the ‘working from bed’ vortex.

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