Dept has given order for purchase of 44,000 quintals of paddy seeds for first phase: Badal

Ranchi: Agriculture Minister Badal said that despite all the odd circumstances the state government has decided to provide the seeds for paddy cultivation to the farmers on time.

He said that for the first phase an order had been placed to buy 44,000 quintals of paddy seeds. He said that in many districts the seeds have already reached and now the task of their distribution will commence.

Addressing a press conference here he said that for the first time in 20 years for the benefits of the farmers the Agriculture department has prepared a calendar as part of which on May 25 across all the blocks of the state Beej Utsav was scheduled to be celebrated which has been now canceled due to the pandemic. He said that now via delivery system seeds will be provided to the farmers.

He said that in Godda district from May 12 itself distribution of seeds has commenced. He said that by May 25 seeds will be provided in areas where rains first enter in the state while by June 1 across the state the seeds will be provided. The minister said that the seeds are being provided to the farmers on 50 percent subsidy and therefore they should take its advantages.

The Agriculture Minister said that as far as fertilisers are concerned this year also like the previous year the cost has been fixed. He said that in the state three companies provide fertilisers but through different mediums, it has been brought to his notice that some local distributors and demanding more money for the fertilisers for which he has asked the Secretary of the department to take necessary action. He said that the department will constitute a task force and provide seeds to the farmers on right price.

Over pending payment to farmers for the paddy purchased so far in the state, he said that he will take the matter with Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon and will sort out all the issues related to the pending payment.

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