Deepor Beel records over 26,000 birds of 97 species

Guwahati (IANS) Deepor Beel, the only Ramsar site of Assam, recorded over 26,000 birds of 97 species during a recent bird count against 10,289 birds of 66 species recorded in 2021, officials said on Friday.

Officials said that over 26,000 birds of 97 different species, were recorded in the bird count at Deepor Beel organised by the Guwahati Wildlife Division of Assam Forest Department on January 4.

Besides the bird count exercise, a spot bird photography contest was also held. A total of 37 individuals participated in the bird count exercise, including forest department officials, bird experts, students and representatives from NGOs.

Birds were counted using the ‘Visual Encounter Survey’ methodology in nine areas of the wetland and in nine groups on foot and in country boats.

A renowned ornithologist, Anwaruddin Choudhury, former Assam Chief Secretary, accompanied the participants and provided guidance during the exercise.

The exercise was coordinated by Jayashree Naiding, Divisional Forest Officer Guwahati Wildlife Division, while Udayan Borthakur, Senior Scientist from leading research based biodiversity conservation organisation “Aaranyak”, briefed on technical aspects of the bird count.

Borthakur said: “The data on bird species and numbers obtained through such monitoring can help greatly in conservation planning in the long run.”

Several NGOs including Help Earth, Rongmon, The Midway Journey, attended the bird count exercise.

The bird count in Deepor Beel was a very important initiative undertaken by the Guwahati Wildlife.

A total of eight wildlife photographers participated in the spot bird photography contest in Deepor Beel.

A repeat of the bird count exercise is scheduled for the first week of February during the Asian Waterfowl Count.

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