Daughters being sold at lesser price than that of a cigarette packet: Kailash Satyarathi

Ranchi, May 22: Nobel peace prize winner Kailash Satyarathi said that
daughters are being sold in the country at a lesser price than a
packet of cigarettes.
Addressing a programme organized by the Jharkhand State Child Rights
Protection Commission and Save the Children campaign he said that he
had commenced his work from Jharkhand which at that time was not a
separate state. Many girls are sent out of the state and one would be
surprised to know that the rate at which  they are sold costs even less
than a packet of cigarettes.
He said that situation was indeed very unfortunate and it was a
reality of the 21st century and not some incident of the 16th or the
17th century. He said that even today the rights of the children are
not secure and they are being exploited. Recalling an incident he said
that a father from Gumla contacted him one and half years ago stating
that his daughter had been missing for the last several years.


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