Dating Hiccups for GenZ and Millennials

New Delhi (IANSlife) Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Bumble, a dating app releases its Modern Romance Report 2024 which explores evolving dating cultures in India as GenZ and Millennials redefine what romance means in 2024. Developed from new research, Bumble’s Modern Romance Report shares interesting insights into the nuances of modern romance in India, spotlighting ‘ticks and icks’ or ‘dating hiccups’ for GenZ and Millennials; romantic gestures that flutter the heart; and the impact of pop cultures such as social media, food, and movies on people’s dating decisions and choices.

Big little things

Petite romances and small gestures that aren’t small in 2024. Whether it’s said aloud or not, and more often than not people might overlook them on the first few dates—it’s those little things that are important, especially during the early stages of dating. Bumble’s new research found that 72 percent of single Indians surveyed, including 64 percent of LGBTQ+ respondents, believe that consistent small gestures are more important than one-off grand ones.

India’s top romantic gestures:

32 percent of single Indians value taking care of their partners when they’re sick and cooking food for their partner

30 percent of single Indians value forehead kisses and physical touch

27 percent of single Indians value meaningful compliments

26 percent of single Indians value random ‘I love you’ texts

23 percent of single Indians value visiting and including family in activities

20 percent of single Indians value candlelit dinners and surprising their partner with impromptu small gifts (flowers, chocolates, etc)

17 percent of single Indians value leaving handwritten notes for their partner

17 percent of single Indians value taking the initiative to make restaurant reservations

16 percent of single Indians value bringing their partner breakfast in bed

15 percent of single Indians value skincare stash

In addition, over 3 in 5 single Indians surveyed (63 percent) claim showcasing their partner’s romantic gestures on social media is a genuine form of expressing gratitude per Bumble’s new study.

Dating hiccups

Datetiquette: Bumble reveals a new dating trend that refers to how regular etiquettes impact dating decisions. Single Indians are choosy and clear about what’s acceptable and what’s not when it comes to their date’s etiquette and table manners. While some faux pas can get a pass, others are deal-breakers.


54 percent of single Indians find it unacceptable to be rude to the wait staff. This is more relevant for women (65 percent) over men (50 percent)

Lack of dental care scores significantly higher for women (51 percent) compared to men (42 percent) as well

47 percent of single Indians, including 42 percent of LGBTQ+ respondents, find it unacceptable to constantly complain/whine about things

42 percent of single Indians find it unacceptable for their date to keep interrupting them

20 percent of single Indians find it unacceptable to slurp and be a messy eater


74 percent, including 75 percent of LGBTQ+ respondents, find it acceptable to share food on a date, compared to 18% who don’t

60 percent find it acceptable to split the bill, compared to 28 percent who don’t

56 percent find it acceptable to use a baby voice, compared to 31 percent who don’t

52 percent of single Indians, including 54 percent of LGBTQ+ respondents, find it’s acceptable to talk with a full mouth compared to only 34 percent who don’t

51 percent find it acceptable to use too much cologne/perfume, compared to 34 percent who don’t

Food is a popular love language

Be it the joy of sharing meals or feeding loved ones–food is a love language for single Indians and it influences our dating choices. Per Bumble’s latest study, 68 percent of single Indians surveyed say they prioritise food choices when making dating decisions. 61% of single Indians actively look for profiles on dating apps based on food choices and interests.

Dipping out if your food choices don’t match

Compatibility in food and eating habits stands out as Bumble’s report reveals that food preferences visibly impact our lifestyles. More than half of Indian respondents (55 percent) say they can’t date someone who has very different food preferences than them.

Culinary adventures = great date experiences

In 2024, young adults are taking the plunge and experimenting with different cuisines and trying out new restaurants while connecting with someone on dates. 68 percent of single Indians prefer going with ‘adventurous’ over ‘safe’ food options on a first date. A whopping majority (79 percent) of single Indian respondents say restaurant hopping or trying out new restaurants together is a popular date idea.

Movie magic

Whether the latest blockbusters or emerging OTT content, the pleasure of watching movies and shows together brings Indians closer as a majority (77 percent) of Indian respondents believe shared watching experiences are important when dating someone. With content a click away, movie marathons are a clear hit as 74 percent of single Indians surveyed say binge-watching movies or web series makes for great dates.

And what’s the best part of a movie date?

Bumble’s report reveals that 72 percent of single Indians enjoy movie post-mortems and reviewing content together on a date. For others, it’s a preferred way to engage with someone in a more intimate setting as 73 percent of single Indians believe movie dates are great for getting intimate (eg: holding hands, kissing, cuddling, etc.) with someone.

Your content choices could get you cancelled

Movies and other content choices aren’t just for entertainment or a popular way to pass time anymore as daters in India are evaluating if they want to date someone based on their opinions and viewing preferences. 75 percent of single Indians believe that their date’s opinions about a movie or show help to understand them or gauge compatibility. In fact, for 71 percent of single Indians, it is important that their date shares the same taste in movies or show genres as them.

First date favourites

Comedy (87 percent) steals the show, overtaking the classic romantic genre (82 percent). Interestingly, more Indian women (82 percent) respondents prefer thrillers than men (77% percent) and the same goes for horror which is more of women’s (75 percent) favourite genre than men (70 percent) for a first date. Animation (69 percent) trumps true crime (58 percent) while biopics (53 percent) and documentaries (56 percent) find fewer fan favourites for first dates.

Social dos and don’ts

As conversations about soft and hard launches on social media become more popular in India, Bumble’s report shows 66% of respondents would rather wait to post about someone until they’ve had a few good dates whereas 68% of respondents prefer posting about a partner only if they’re serious about them. 1 in 5 (20 percent) single Indians surveyed posts with or about their partners on social media every day.

No social media puts you on the ‘sus’ list

A person’s social footprint has become a popular way of filtering potential partners. Per Bumble’s study, over half (54%) of single women respondents are suspicious if their date is not on any social media platform and 52 percent of single Indians wouldn’t date someone who isn’t on any social media.

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