Dairy plant located at Yogitand to be ready within two and a half years – CM Champai Soren

Giridih: Chief Minister Champai Soren said that is a historic day for the people of Giridih district. The foundation stone of a dairy plant with a capacity of 50 thousand liters of milk per day is being laid in Yogitand under Giridih district. This dairy plant will be ready within two to two and a half years. A new chapter is being added today for Giridih district.

Chief Minister Champai Soren said these things while addressing the foundation stone laying program of “Dairy Plant” organized at Yogitand in Giridih district. Chief Minister Champai Soren said that a dairy plant is being set up by the Agriculture Department in Yogitand of Giridih district. 

According to the thinking of former Chief Minister Hemant Soren, today our government is implementing the schemes on the ground. The Chief Minister said that our government had received the mandate in the year 2019. The government was formed under the leadership of former Chief Minister Hemant Soren. With the formation of the government, there was a shadow of Corona infection in the country and the world. There was a complete lockdown in the entire country. All activities stopped. The government endured the havoc of Corona for two years and did better management to protect the people of the state from Corona infection.

The Chief Minister said that our government has done the work of connecting people living in remote rural areas with the livestock scheme. There has been a tradition of keeping livestock in families living in rural areas. Despite urbanization of rural people, this tradition is continuing. 

The Chief Minister said that 24 years of formation of separate Jharkhand are about to be completed, yet the people of Jharkhand could not progress as per expectations. The previous governments did not try to understand the needs of the tribals, indigenous people, farmers, labourers and poor of Jharkhand.

Jharkhand has been continuously included in the category of backward states, but our government, taking forward the thinking and efficient leadership of former Chief Minister Hemant Soren, is working to implement the schemes as per the public sentiments and expectations of the people here.

The Chief Minister said that our government is working to provide food, clothes and houses to people of all classes and communities including the poor, farmers and labourers. The Chief Minister said that Dhanbad, Bokaro and Giridih districts are counted as coal regions, but people from other states have taken advantage of the resources here. With the aim of providing benefits to the people here, our government is working to implement all the schemes on the ground.

15 thousand kilometre road construction work is in progress in the state. Roads from remote rural areas to cities are being repaired. Work is being done with commitment in many important areas including education, health in the state.

The Chief Minister said that recently a urea factory was inaugurated in Sindri under the Dhanbad district of the state. Farmers of Jharkhand will be able to take advantage of the urea being produced in this factory only when water is supplied to their fields through pipelines for 12 months of the year.

The Chief Minister said that the thinking of our government is that we should deliver water to the fields of the farmers here under any circumstances. Our aim is that farmers can produce crops three times a year. Our government has also done the work of providing loan waiver and drought relief benefits to the farmers here. 

The Chief Minister said that our government is determined to put the farmers on their feet. 

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