Curesta Global Hospital announced new group of highly skilled and experienced doctors to its medical team

Ranchi: Curesta Global Hospital on Saturday announced a new group of highly skilled and experienced doctors to its medical team.

During a press conference at Ranchi Press Club Dr. Sanjay Kumar and his team announced the new team of highly experienced doctors.

This significant expansion is in line with our continued commitment to provide exceptional healthcare to the community.

The new team includes experts from various disciplines from the Department of Neuro Sciences said, Dr. Sanjay Kumar.

Dr. Anuj Kumar said, Maxillofacial and Trauma Surgery Department and many other veteran doctors to enhance the ability to provide comprehensive and advanced medical care.

His expertise and dedication to patient care will be an invaluable asset to our hospital and the community we serve.

Avinash Kumar, Chairman, Curesta Group of Hospitals, said, “We are excited to welcome such a distinguished group of doctors to our team.”

Their diverse expertise and dedication to patient care, top “This is an important moment for our hospital and we are confident that our patients will greatly benefit from his presence.”

Curesta Global Hospital has always been at the forefront of medical innovation and patient care.

With the addition of these eminent doctors, we are set to further our mission of providing world-class healthcare in Ranchi.

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