People angry over power cut in Dhanbad, anti-social elements bombed and fired at Madhuban police station, many injured

Dhanbad:  About 15 thousand people became angry over the restoration of power cut from feeder number 14 of BCCL Govindpur area.

On Saturday afternoon, hundreds of colony residents along with 10 to 12 villages surrounded the Madhuban police station to restore electricity.

Everyone started demanding restoration of electricity and arrest of the youth who cut off electricity of others.

About an hour later, a gang of youths wearing masks attacked the Madhuban police station after cutting electricity.

They started moving towards the police station, firing several rounds and bombing.

Due to this the policemen themselves started running here and there to save their lives.

There was also a scuffle with the policemen.

Many people including a policeman were injured in stone pelting.

Firing was done in front of Mahuda Circle Inspector, but the police remained a mute spectator.

The incident created chaos here.

People somehow saved their lives by running away.

It was a coincidence that the people protesting were inside the police station.

Otherwise a big accident could have happened.

On receiving the information, Dhanbad Rural SP reached the spot and took information about the matter.

People told that the electricity of number 14 feeder was cut off by some anti-social elements of Kharkhari colony.

A population of 15 thousand is affected by this and the company’s production is stopped.

It is not appropriate to cut off electricity and water in public interest in this scorching heat.

At present the atmosphere here remains tense.

People have given a written complaint to the police.

Due to the storm on Thursday night, there was no electricity in the BCCL Govindpur area.

In this area, electricity comes from Madhuban DG through feeder numbers 14 and 16.

Electricity was restored to number 14 on Friday evening, but electricity to number 16 could not be restored due to it being damaged in Madhuban.

Due to this, youth from Kharkhari colony and other places cut off electricity number 14 in Kharkhari sub station.

These people said that until number 16 electricity does not come.

Till then power to number 14 will also remain cut.

On getting information about this, some youths from several villages reached Kharkhari late on Friday night and started abusing and even fighting for the restoration of the cut electricity.

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