Criminals looted 10 lakh rupees from a resident in Dhanbad

Dhanbad:  In Dhanbad, criminals looted the house of Bangla Bhasha Unnayan Samiti founder Bengu Thakur. During the robbery, the miscreants tied the hands and feet of the family members and also beat them. Then they ran away with jewelery and cash worth lakhs. 

The incident took place in Sindurpur area of Balliapur police station. According to the family members, the criminals were 6 in number. Everyone was wearing a mask and had weapons in their hands. It is being told that the criminals created a ruckus in the house for one and a half hours and looted around Rs 10 lakh from the house and ran away.

Police have been investigating the case since Saturday night. No one has been arrested in the case yet. According to the information, the incident was done in a planned manner. This is the reason why even the people in the nearby houses could not know about it.

The family members told that the criminals entered the house at around 6.30 pm and created a ruckus till 8 pm. Regarding the incident, the criminals knocked on the door of the house at around 6.30 pm. After which Jhuma, wife of Bengu Thakur’s son Rajesh Mukherjee, opened the door. The criminals captured them. After this, other members of the house were also captured. After this the criminals committed looting.

According to the family members, when the criminals entered the house, they captured everyone and started demanding money. The criminals told the family members that there is five crore rupees in your house, give it. When the family members expressed ignorance, they opened the cupboards, beat them up and took away the cash and jewelery kept in the house.

According to the family members, the criminals looted around Rs 10 lakh by mixing cash and jewellery. During the robbery the criminals broke three cupboards and boxes. Also threw many items here and there. After receiving information about the incident, SDPO Bhupendra Rawat, Balliapur police station in-charge Subedar Yadav reached the spot with his team and started investigation.

The police also investigated the CCTVs installed in nearby houses.  The investigation has been going on since late night, but no one has been arrested yet. SDPO Bhupendra Rawat said that the matter is being investigated. The culprits will be caught soon.

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