Criminal arrested in connection with theft in jewellery shop – Police

Garhwa : Garhwa police have got a big success, Police have detected an incident of robbery worth lakhs of rupees from a jewellery shop on the main road of the city 5 days ago.

Police have arrested a robber with a weapon in this case.

The looted gold has also been recovered.

This information was given by SP Deepak Pandey, who organized a press conference at Sadar police station.

Told that on February 13, at 8.30 pm, robbers looted a gold shop named Alankar.

This robbery was the biggest robbery of the district till date.

The SP said that after this robbery in the center of the city, the police also faced a challenge.

Because the robbers had looted the shop openly.

After receiving the information, SP Deepak Pandey formed a 28-member SIT under the leadership of SDPO.

He himself monitored it.

A police team was scanning all the CCTV footage of the city.

This gave the police clues about the criminals.

There was a police race and success was achieved in arresting a criminal in this case.

Also recovered three and a half kilos of gold.

The name of the arrested criminal is Pradeep Dom.

Two other criminals of this robbery, Biku Soni and Ajit Sao, are still absconding with three hundred grams of looted gold.

SP Deepak Pandey said that this robbery was a challenge before the police.

But the police revealed it. SP has honored all the people included in the team by giving them citations.

Apart from the arrested Pradeep Dom, all three criminals have many cases registered against them in the district.

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