Counting of votes for Dumri by-election on Friday, fate of six candidates will be decided

Dumri: The counting of votes for the Dumri by-election held on September 5 will take place on Friday. The counting will take place at the Pachamba Bazaar Committee complex of Giridih.

The counting of votes will be done in 24 rounds. The fate of the six candidates will be decided on Friday. Three-tier security arrangements have been made for vote counting and Agricultural Produce Market Committee premises. On September 5, 64.84 percent voting took place here. After voting, EVMs of all 373 booths were deposited in Vajragriha.

Regarding the counting of votes for Dumri by-election, Chief Electoral Officer K Ravi Kumar said that counting of postal ballots will be done first. After this EVM will be brought from Vajragriha. The trends will start coming one hour after the counting of votes begins.

He told that the complete counting of votes will be done in 24 rounds. There will be counting of 16 booths in each round. 16 tables have been made for this in the counting hall. A table will be available for ETPBS. There will be an RO table on which postal ballots will be counted.

Sharing information, he said that Section 144 will remain in force to prevent unnecessary crowding at the counting place. The counting of votes is expected to be completed by 4 pm. 25 assistants, 25 supervisors and 25 micro observers have been deputed inside the counting center to ensure that there is no problem in the counting of votes.

According to police, all arrangements have been made for the peaceful counting of votes. A three-tier security arrangement has been made for the Vajragriha. There will be tight security at the center even on the day of counting.

Parties also have their own preparations for counting of votes. It has been decided to send workers to the counting hall during the counting of votes. Everyone’s pass is being made. Many instructions are also being given to these people by the organization.

The fate of candidates to be decided include Baby Devi, INDIA supported JMM candidate, Yashoda Devi, NDA supported AJSU Party candidate, Abdul Mobin Rizvi, AIMAI, Kamal Prasad Sahu, Narayan Giri and Roshan Lal Turi all are independent candidates.

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