Congress workers celebrated on party’s good performance in Lok Sabha Elections in Jharkhand

Ranchi : Congress leaders and workers celebrated the excellent performance of India Alliance in the entire country including Jharkhand by burning firecrackers and distributing sweets at the Jharkhand State Congress Headquarters under the leadership of State Congress President Rajesh Thakur. 

In this sequence, State President Rajesh Thakur expressed his gratitude to the public.

Rajesh Thakur said that the exit poll has shown that the way the people’s mandate was undermined, it was demolished by the public.

During the Bharat Jodo Yatra and Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra, Rahul Gandhi met millions of people of the country, after knowing their problems, the background of the struggle was prepared and after finding a way to solve their problems, we went among the people in this election.

The result of this is that the public, while rejecting the leadership of BJP, has trusted us and given us full support.

The people themselves came forward and fought the battle to save the Constitution and have supported us in the country.

BJP has morally lost the support of the public because the BJP, on whose guarantee Modi was fighting the elections, has been distanced from the majority by the people.

He said that the people of Jharkhand have expressed their anger against the dictatorial government at the Centre.

As soon as the Grand Alliance government was formed in Jharkhand, efforts were being made to topple it but they were not able to succeed in it.

During the elections, the way efforts were made to break the parties and families involved in the Grand Alliance, the public also saw it and tested it on the test, the result of which was that BJP could not even reach double digits in Jharkhand.

He said that Congress workers performed better under the able leadership of Jharkhand Congress in-charge Ghulam Ahmed Mir.

Due to the mutual unity and better coordination and election management of the India Alliance, we have performed well in Jharkhand and in this, the leaders and workers of the parties included in the India Alliance have made a commendable contribution, we also express our gratitude to them.

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