Congress to launch ‘Ghar-Ghar Guarantee Campaign’ ahead of Lok Sabha Elections – Rajesh Thakur

Ranchi: In view of the Lok Sabha elections, Jharkhand Congress will launch ‘Ghar-Ghar Guarantee’ campaign. State Congress President Rajesh Thakur said that people did not get the ‘guarantees’ of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but the guarantees being given by his party will be implemented. This election campaign of the party is based on five ‘justice’ and 25 ‘guarantees’.

Under this campaign, Congress workers will distribute five ‘Nyay’ and 25 ‘Guarantee’ cards from door to door. We will tell the people what work we will do after our government comes to power. He said, “We guarantee the people that our government will always be with the poor and will work for the poor.” People did not get Modi’s guarantee. Modi talks about his guarantee, but his guarantee did not succeed. People did not get their guarantee. He talked about two crore jobs every year, but people did not get jobs.

He promised to give Rs 15 lakh each, but this guarantee was also not fulfilled. He alleged that the Modi government did not even fulfill the promises made to the farmers. The manifesto of Congress for the Lok Sabha elections will be based on the five principles of justice – ‘Participation Justice’, ‘Kisan Justice’, ‘Women Justice’, ‘Labour Justice’ and ‘Youth Justice’. It will be released on April 5. We will eliminate the 50 percent limit of reservation.

The five guarantees that the party has talked about under ‘Youth Justice’ include the promise of providing 30 lakh government jobs and giving Rs 1 lakh to the youth under the apprenticeship program for one year. The party has given a ‘guarantee’ to conduct caste-based census under ‘shared justice’ and remove the 50 percent limit of reservation.

Under ‘Kisan Nyay’, he has promised to give legal status to the minimum support price, formation of loan waiver commission and ‘GST’ free farming.

Under ‘Labour Justice’, Congress has promised to provide right to health to workers, ensure minimum wage of Rs 400 per day and urban employment guarantee.

He has made many promises including giving Rs 1 lakh per year to women from poor families under ‘Mahalakshmi’ guarantee under ‘Nari Nyaya’.

“Doors of prosperity will open for women” Congress is giving five such guarantees which will change the lives of women in the country forever.

The aim of Congress is to make half the country’s population economically self-reliant and to provide equal representation.

These 5 historic steps are going to open the ‘door to prosperity’ for women.

What are the 5 guarantees of Congress?

Mahalakshmi: Under this, Rs 1 lakh will be sent directly to the bank account of every poor family to a woman every year.

Half the population, full rights: Half of all new recruitments in the Central Government will be reserved for women.

This means that women will get 50 percent reservation in government jobs.

Respect for Shakti: Under this scheme, the central government’s contribution will be doubled in the monthly salary of women making Anganwadi, Asha and mid-day meals.

Adhikar Maitri: Under this, all Panchayats will have A legal assistant appointed as Adhikar Maitri to make women aware of their rights and provide necessary help.

Who will inform women about their legal rights and help in implementing these rights.

Savitri Bai Phule Hostel: Under this scheme, the number of hostels for working women in the country will be doubled.

At least one working women’s hostel will be built by the Government of India in all the district headquarters.

‘MGNREGA money given to billionaires’ Targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Congress leader said, “Narendra Modi has forgiven Rs 16 lakh crore of billionaires.”

The one year budget of MGNREGA is Rs 65 thousand crores.

This means that Modi has given 24 years of MGNREGA money to billionaires.

Therefore, I want to say that if their loans can be waived off, then the loans of farmers, labourers, and small traders should also be waived off.”

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