Congress party’s no-confidence motion against Modi government is ridiculous – Babulal Marandi

Ranchi:  BJP State President and former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi today lashed out at the Congress party.

Marandi said that under the able leadership of the illustrious Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, the people of the country have blessed them with a landslide victory in the last Lok Sabha elections.

The people of the country want to see Narendra Modi again and again as the Prime Minister.

But the Congress party, which the public did not even consider worthy of the leader of the opposition, today they are bringing a no-confidence motion in the House against the popular government dedicated to the development and progress of the country, which is completely ridiculous.

He said that another Modi government is dedicated to the village, poor, farmer, tribal, Dalit, backward, deprived society, on the other hand the people of INDA, immersed in the politics of familyism, dynasty, corruption and appeasement, will not come to power in any way. Desperate to achieve.

He felt that while opposing the Modi government, the people of Congress and its ally Thugbandhan have joined hands with anti-national forces.

Due to his misdeeds, anti-national thinking and secret bond with anti-national elements, the public did not even consider Congress worthy of being the Leader of the Opposition.

Said that the people of the country have understood very well the parties which deny the existence of Ram, accept the partition of the country, stand with the tukde tukde gang, raise questions on the valor of the army, and give the country a scam of 20 lakh crores.

Said that today India’s glorious tradition is being glorified in the world.

The world is looking towards India with hopeful eyes.

India’s fast growing economy took the world by surprise.

Everyone’s support, everyone’s development, everyone’s faith and everyone’s efforts are coming true.

In such a situation, the conspiracy of divisive elements against the central government is being manifested in different forms.

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