Congress misleading farmers over Agriculture bills says Union Minister Arjun Munda

Ranchi: Union Minister for Tribal Affairs Arjun Munda on Saturday accused the Congress party of misleading the farmers over the issue of agriculture bills passed in the parliament.

Addressing a press conference at the BJP headquarters here he said that farmers of the country are happy with the bill however some parties like Congress are misleading the farmers over the issue. He said that before bringing the bill the government had collected the opinion of the farmers and even from the Congress-ruled states.

The Union Minister said that for 50 years the Congress party had just cheated the farmers. He said that since the opposition is in shock following the passage of the bill therefore they are describing the bill as one which was in favour of the corporate houses. The Union Minister said that if looked with a global perspective the bill was in the favour of farmers as they would be now able to sell their products in open markets without any task.

He said that in the last 6 years Modi government has taken many steps in the interests of the farmers. He said that on one hand MSP has been increased. Further, he said in Agriculture reforms bills fisheries have been kept in the category of crops as there was tremendous scope for fish production in the country.

The Union Minister said that farmers would be provided an e-trading platform and they would be free to do business at cold storages, warehouses and processing units. Arjun Munda said that MSP would continue and in the country, 10,000 farmers producers group would be formed.

Further outlining the advantages of the bills he said that after an agreement the farmers will not have to run after traders and the buyer will take the produce from fields of the farmers and in case of any dispute at the local level itself it would be solved within 30 days. He said that the bills would encourage research and use of new technology in the sector.

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