Computerised training program for LAMPS and PACS completed in NABARD office

Ranchi: On the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, computerization training program for LAMPS and PACS under Self-reliant India was conducted in NABARD office. In this, hundreds of village heads from Ranchi districts were taught to use the jhl.unite website created by the Government of India.

Kaushik Chaudhary, Model Officer of System Integrated Team IT Solution, said that for the next 4 years, the presidents will be given information about running the software. NABARD General Manager DT Lugun said that in the next few days training, 150 chairmen from Jharkhand will be given training.

The aim of imparting training is to promote Digital India by eliminating the work done till now through registers and all the database and money transactions will remain safe in it. Even the information about farmers’ land will be available to the government through this system.

With the introduction of this system, corruption will end in this area. During the training, the chairpersons will be given information about creating a network, logging in and securing the entire database. The project for computerization of Lampasas Tax across the country was launched on June 29, 2023.

In the first phase, 63000 lamps and packs across India have been approved for computerization. Of these, 4500 are from Jharkhand. A list of 1500 has been released in the first page and sent to the Government of India. Data collection work has been done in the first phase.

After putting all the previous data there by the software company and verifying it, the information has been given by putting it again. Data transaction work started after March 31, 2023.

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